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To the letter "MYNE" customer open letter

Date: 2013-11-29
Clicks: 256

First of all, thank you for your long-term research and technology support "myne" products. I will all the staff of the company to warm and thoughtful service to provide you with "quality and cheap products."

"Myne" series of products since its introduction in 2010, has been 3 years, because I produced the linear displacement sensor electronic scale, resistance scale), pull rope displacement sensor (pull line displacement sensor), the agent of the magnetostrictive displacement sensor , In the whole industry is the most cost-effective displacement sensor. So has been subject to the industry in the field of user trust and support, as the company continued to grow and develop, the establishment of external offices and agents too much sales. There have been management of chaos, to part of the cooperation caused by economic losses. To this end the company apologized, in order to safeguard the interests of customers, has revealed that the company has left the staff and no longer cooperate with the agents fraud, deceive the customer's behavior to give tips and identify the authenticity of the method, as follows:

1, has been canceled agent qualifications and the company has left the sales staff to use the company's customer information, still in the name of the company to the original customer sales and sales of Maen Sensing Technology "myne" registered trademark similar or similar to the English trademark, Sell products to customers to blind customers.

2, a lot of disregard of business ethics of the network sales companies and sales staff, the use of major search portal, the use of "Maen" "MYNE" keywords for bad links, so that users concerned about its real display and sales of products is not Maen sensing technology products, hope the majority of customers pay attention to identification.

3, Mai En "MYNE" series of products are sold in Shenzhen City Maen Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. (company headquarters) is responsible for direct sales.

Note: Linear displacement sensor (electronic scale) is a precision measurement device, the cost of the entire equipment on a small proportion, or even negligible, and its function and the role of the key, the overall performance of the equipment, we would like to carefully choose and verify Sales identity, company business license and related qualification certificate.

Verify the phone as follows:

Shenzhen headquarters: 0755-36525388 Contact: Peng Zhi Mobile: 18823452086

Maien sensor technology sales:

Linear displacement sensor, pull rope displacement sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor,

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