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Application of Linear Displacement Sensor / Electronic Scale in Prestressing Test

Date: 2013-11-29
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Before understanding the application of the displacement sensor in the pre-test, you must first understand what is the prestress, pre-tensioning these two concepts, only to clarify the two concepts to understand why the prestress test to use the displacement sensor.

Prestress concept:

Application of Linear Displacement Sensor / Electronic Scale in Prestressing Test

The prestress is the abbreviation of the pre-stress, and the stress is applied to the area under the external load before the structure is subjected to the external load to improve the performance of the structure. Pre-stress can be used to resist the tensile strength or bending moment of the structure, but also with the pre-tensile stress to withstand the compressive stress of the structure. Good use of prestressing principle and technology, it is possible to improve the structural performance and improve the structure of the carrying capacity of the effect.

Prestressed tension concept:

Prestress tension is in advance in the component pulling force, so that the application of prestressed tensile members to bear the tensile stress, and then to produce a certain deformation, to deal with the steel structure itself by the load.

Application of Linear Displacement Sensor / Electronic Scale in Prestressing Test

Test schematic diagram

The role of prestressed tension:

Before the engineering structural members are subjected to external loads, the prestressing force is applied to the strands in the tensioned module to improve the bending resistance and rigidity of the members, delay the occurrence of cracks and increase the durability of the members. For the mechanical structure, its meaning is to produce stress in advance, the advantage is to improve the rigidity of the structure itself, reduce vibration and elastic deformation, this can significantly improve the tensile strength of the tensile module, so that the original resistance stronger.

Because of the traditional prestressing tensioning operation, there is a large error in tension control, large measurement error, unpredictable value, low synchronization rate at both ends, double control of tension and lack of reliable process control and effective Detection and evaluation methods and other shortcomings, so it was gradually intelligent, CNC tension technology replaced.

Modern pre-stress programmable (intelligent, CNC) tensioning technology is based on computer intelligence and sensor technology-based automated measurement and control technology to achieve tension control of the automatic operation. The modern program-controlled tensioning system consists of program-controlled host and job front. The front end of the operation includes measurement and control circuit, oil pump, jack, sensor and other components. As shown below:

Prestressed tensioning program control system works:

The system host is composed of industrial tablet computer and special software system. The host wirelessly controls one or more monitoring and control front ends according to the preset tension parameters. The front end according to the host command through the variable frequency output stepless speed control oil pump motor, while monitoring the working pressure of the jack and the elongation of the strand to the host. The host according to the feedback data to calculate the next instruction to continue the remote control front, thus forming closed-loop control.

Application of Linear Displacement Sensor / Electronic Scale in Prestressing Test

Prestressed tension control system to tension as the main control index, the amount of elongation as a secondary control indicators, the real tension and elongation of the double control to ensure that both ends of the tension in the whole process of tension and elongation of high degree of synchronization The Synchronization difference strictly controlled in the 2011 version of "Highway Bridge Construction Technical Specifications" within the scope of the provisions.

In the pre-tension test process, the instrument can control the amount of oil back to achieve precise control of the release pressure, to achieve the process of relaxation pressure, the rate of control can be controlled. Through the accurate release to the initial stress to measure the clip retraction value and the jack part of the inner part of the elastic deformation of the strand, so as to obtain the effective elongation of the strand after the elongation. Tensile program control system is not modified on the jack, the measurement system by the external ultrasonic measurement sensor to achieve, you can directly measure the length of the strand changes, through real-time high-frequency monitoring of elongation, pressure, can be tension - curve Real-time reflect the different tension under the strand value, you can directly read out the retraction value.

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