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Big bit network features: Mai En LWH series of linear displacement sensor

Date: 2013-11-29
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With the development of electronic technology, industrial applications in the production process of precision control requirements continue to improve, making the linear displacement sensor has been rapid development. Linear displacement sensors can not only optimize the production process, ensure the quality of production, but also reduce the cost of production and failure rate. Therefore, more and more users prefer to use a linear displacement sensor. From the potential sensor to the magnetostrictive principle, and then to the new inductive detection principle, linear displacement sensor has been the continuous development. The application of linear displacement sensor development, the sensor family has moved to a new level, in the electronic components are more competitive strength.

In line with the development trend of linear displacement sensor, Maen Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. based on the principle of potentiometer, developed a plastic conductive carbon film linear displacement sensor. According to Maen Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. staff began, starting from February this year, Mai En began to develop new products, through continuous testing and trial, launched the LWH series of linear displacement sensor, which compared to the traditional product line straight Displacement sensor, mainly has the following advantages:

First, the replacement of raw materials

According to the introduction, Maien linear displacement sensor using German imports of materials, the use of precious metal brushes in the interior, the shell is anodized aluminum, equipped with buckle fixed bracket, the use of stainless steel, rotating transmission and slewing bearings. Compared with the previous products, protection, sealing are greatly improved, and more stable after installation, the use of more performance, longer life, long life - the number of operations up to 50 × 106 times.

Second, product technology to achieve innovation

Technology, Maien linear displacement sensor using a professional computer repair machine to repair linear precision, more accurate precision, more perfect linear better, higher than 0.01mm resolution, to achieve a higher speed. In the application of the proportional voltage output to detect the absolute position, conception clever, simple principle, lightweight, can be applied to most of the mechanical position control.

At present, the most widely used linear displacement sensor applications are injection molding machine, die casting machine, blow molding machine, hydraulic machine, shoe machine, brick machine, stacking machine, ceramic machinery, train gauge monitoring, rubber machine, tire vulcanizer, , Metal machinery (monitoring mold thickness changes and balance), leather machinery, proportional valve, long stroke drilling machine, spring machinery, woodworking machinery. And Maien linear displacement sensor in the raw materials and technology innovation will greatly improve its application efficiency in various fields, effectively promoted the development of industrial automation.

Throughout the domestic market, large and small sensor companies are uneven. At present, China has more than 6,000 kinds of sensor types, and the international community has more than 20,000 kinds. So there is not complete varieties of sensors in China, the lack of core technology situation. Increase the core technology investment, improve the domestic market standards, is the sensor industry to solve the problem.

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